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We are Game Academy — a talent tech platform for everyone who plays games. We help to Level up in life, as in game!


We offer players a series of experiences:

  • Analysis of your game skills

  • Career advice

  • Courses to learn skills - to upskill in-game and in real life

  • Job opportunities based on your game metrics and performance in special courses

Our first course is on decision-making. You can use a video game of your choice.

How do we match your games with careers?

We’ve analysed the gaming data of thousands of players, matched it with career track records and found games with predictive powers for particular occupations (e.g. tech, management). We’ve analysed lots of existing research on gaming and skills to help you understand what you are good at, learn new skills and get a better job.

Game Academy is founded by a team who love games, play games and believe passionately in the talent of players. 

Game Academy LTD is a portfolio company of the social impact accelerator ZincVC, based in London. Investors in Zinc include LocalGlobe, Atomico and the London School of Economics.

We are a proud member of UKIE and winner of CareerTech Challenge by Nesta and Department of Education


What is Game Academy?
Can you get me a job?
Can you get me a job in the games industry?
What’s the basis of your analysis?
How much does the service cost?
What data should I share with you and what will you do with it?
Who is behind Game Academy?
Why does Game Academy exist?
How is Game Academy beneficial to emlpoyers?

We'd like to hear from you. Email us at team@gameacademy.co

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