Make good decisions - join Game Academy's challenge

Game Academy launches 10 days challenge on decision-making May 15th.

The Challenge - done properly - will change your life in- and out of game!




Because every day in life and in games, we’re faced with constant choices, big and small. 

Decisions big and small.

  • Should I instagram my holiday, or concentrate on the moment?

  • Should I form a clan in Call of Duty?

  • Would it be best to take an expensive taxi or a slow bus to get to that meeting?

  • Should I put self-consciousness aside and download Mario Kart for the morning commute? 

Making decisions, and good decisions, are essential to achieving a good, productive life, but also getting a great job.

You'd be amazed.. 

An average person makes 35000 decisions in a day

It is so hard to make these decisions. 


Doubts, Regret, Consequences. Rest assured, it’s not your fault. 


Often, evolution is to blame for poor decision-making skills. 


It prepared us for living in the Jungle, running from being eaten or hunting for our food. It urges us to think fast, which was useful when we had to fight or flee. Tigers are kept in zoos these days - but our brains still work in the same way. Today, we also have other priorities, but we’re still controlled by primitive urges. Thank pre-history for that.


Wrong decisions impact every facet of our lives. 


We lose jobs or miss opportunities to get better ones. We break up unnecessarily or fail to approach our soul mate. We waste good money and the best days of our lives. We get cheated by misleading advertisements and lured into time wasters, instead of pursuing our dream.


And on an institutional scale the consequences can be epic, and tragic: the loss of the Challenger spacecraft, catastrophic attempt in 1980 to rescue American hostages in Iran, the collapse of Barings Bank and Lehman Brothers, the short-lived allied success in Mosul, Iraq in 2014.


How can we avoid falling into decision traps and debacles, and become better at making better decisions? 


The answer is hidden in modern science - and we’re going to reveal it to you.


In this Challenge, we’ll share cutting edge research insights, advice and tactics from a Nobel laureate psychologist, leading Professors of business at Stanford University and one of the leading innovation agencies in the world.


How are you going to skill up in decision-making? By playing video games!

In the Challenge, we’re going to ask you to play the games that you love. Reflect on your game play. Share how the decisions that you make in-game can impact upon the decisions that you make in life. We’ll share the tips and tricks of gamers, academics and professionals, tactics we’ve learned from the worlds of behavioural psychology, business excellence and we know that there will be approached that we share that can - and should - transform your life. 


We love video games. They’re the perfect playground to demonstrate and practice new decision-making skills and tactics.


When: May 15 - May 25

Where: Discord + Twitch and Zoom for a new content

How much: the course is free to join, there will donations available.

Requirement: please sign up if you can dedicate 1 hour a day for the challenges.

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