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Play your way into a dream job!


Good at games? Use it to Level Up In Life!

Join us, if you are.. 

Thinking of improving your career 

Looking for advice and guidance

Want life to be as exciting as your favourite games

Game Academy is here to help

We've created the first ever  personal development programme for game players of all ages. It's based on your in-game talent & skills.

Here's how it works

Join Game Academy's programme:

  • Analysis of your game play. 24hrs audit. Skills and personality traits. Potential careers.

  • 8 Quests. Scenarios to think through. Challenges to beat. New in-game tactics to learn. 

  • Recommendations of jobs. Direction to courses. Professional CV review.

What our community says:

“Game Academy is a great service. It’s helped me find new focus and figure out what I want to do."

Reuben, former sales assistant, now concept artist.

“I enjoyed the quests a lot. I wanted to learn the fundamentals of what goes into good and effective decision-making and Game Academy forced me to step back, think about it all and train my skill.”

Ian, software engineer

"What You Play Is Who You Are! Game Academy helps people to understand it. That's why I support them.

Dr Richard Bartle, co-creator MUD1

"Game Academy helps players and their parents understand the value of in-game achievement in-game. This should be celebrated and encouraged."

Rich Keen, COO Mind Candy

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