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Good at games? Use it to Level Up In Life! 

Thinking of improving your career? 

Looking for work advice and guidance?

Want life to be as exciting as your favourite games?

Game Academy is here to help

We've created the first ever  personal development programme for players of video games. It is based on your in-game talent & skills.

Join Game Academy's programme:

Discover your strengths from the way you play games:

  • 24hrs audit

  • Skills and personality traits

  • Potential careers

Make the best decision about your career:

  • Scenarios to think through

  • Challenges to beat

  • New in-game tactics to learn 

Learn your options to upskill and build a career:

  • Recommendations of jobs

  • Direction to courses

  • Professional CV review

*conditions apply

"I love how Game Academy helps gamers identify career-relevant skills they've already developed in their favorite games."

Jane McGonigal, Game Designer & Author

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